NMB-Minebea Thai Ltd.


To be the world’s superior manufacturer of high precision electronics and mechanical components.


  • Improve production efficiencies and develop quality of products to increase sales volume and income (market share).
  • Efficiently cost management for market competitive.
  • Develop human resource to strengthen production.
  • Create transparency and efficiency in management strategies.


Ultraprecision Machining Technology
Design, improve and develop high precision machining technology in order to reinforcing mass production.

Mass Production Technology
Using the application of high precision of machining technology and vertically integrated management system to reinforce mass production and high precision products.

Vertically Integrated System
Using the application of vertically integrated system by focusing on design, develop the products and reinforcing the mass production technology, including analysis and develop the quality of product to meet with the customer?s requirement.


  • To expanse production capacity for our highly profitable mainstay bearings.
  • To build our operation in the area of precision small and rotary components to a scale similar to our bearing operation.
  • To increase the weight of high-value-added products in our line up, focus on core products.


  • To ensure that Minebea is a company for which we are proud to work.
  • To reinforce the confidence of our customers.
  • To response to our shareholders’ expectation.
  • To ensure Minebea is welcome in local communities.
  • To contribute to global society.