EGAT and NMB-Minebea Thai foster smart campus, promoting smart energy solutions toward Carbon Neutrality

On July 18, 2023, Mr. Warit Rattanachuen, Assistant Governor – Research, Innovation and Business Development of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), and Mr. Yoshihiro Sakanushi, President of NMB-Minebea Thai Ltd., signed the Memorandum of Understanding regarding Collaboration on Promotion of Smart Energy Solutions between EGAT and NMB-Minebea Thai Ltd. On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Pisut Painmanakul, Professor at Department of Environment Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Mr. Yoshihisa Kainuma, Chairman of MinebeaMitsumi Inc., Ms. Noppavan Kanjanavan, EGAT Deputy Governor – Administration, Mr. Thidade Eiamsai, EGAT Deputy Governor – Power Plant Development and Renewable Energy, Ms. Sunee Cherdchucharti, Business Officer of MinebeaMitsumi, Inc., and Mr. Athip Tantivorawong, Chief Executive Officer, INNOPOWER Co., Ltd., attended the MOU signing ceremony held at the Peninsula Bangkok.

Ms. Noppavan Kanjanavan, EGAT Deputy Governor – Administration, revealed that the collaboration on smart energy solutions will be developed in Smart Campus with the integration of solar power generation, energy storage system, smart street light system, and EGAT’s ENZY Energy Management Platform. The project aims to enhance clean power usage, reduce energy cost, maximize the power efficiency, achieving the goals of Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero Carbon Emissions of the country and EGAT.

Mr. Yoshihisa Kainuma, Chairman, MinebeaMitsumi Inc. added that it is the greatest pleasure that the smart street lights made in Thailand by our employees are used in Thailand. This collaboration is an excellent opportunity for EGAT and MinebeaMitsumi to build a friendly relationship, and will expand the scope of cooperation in the development of energy solutions and smart cities, which help develop clean energy innovations, drive green energy usage, and expand business opportunities.

This MOU signing is a part of Smart Campus Project between EGAT and INNOPOWER, which is a joint venture of EGAT, to elevate the energy usage in a university with innovations of energy and smart city, through an installation of solar power generation, electric vehicle charging stations, energy storage system, and smart lighting system on the streets in the university. Energy Management System will be applied to control and monitor the efficiency of power consumption. Also, the EV buses will be used to service the students between dorms and lecture buildings. The smart campus will be open in Chiang Mai Rajabhat University by mid-2024.

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