Internship :

Dual Vocationtal Training (DVT)

1. To prepare personnel in technicians level to meet the needs of production and ready to work immediately ; to reduce the time to coaching.
2. To promote technicians with high potential has been developed and growth in career.
3. To developstaff and techniciansof the companywith high potentialhas trained skill of designing courses and transfer their knowledgeto technical studentsand apply teaching effectively.
4. To encourageorganization awareness and opportunities to all employee to participate in publicity and opportunitiesin education and careers to their children that Studyingin technical college.
5. Tosocial development by developing a courses for teachingin vocational institute to be effective.


Students’ Qualification
1. Male, above 18 years old.
2. Studying in highvocational certificate.
3. Studyingin major Electrical, ProductionTechnology and Industrial Technologyat the institutethat agreement (MOU)with the companyand have a Dual vocational training courses.
4. GPA not less than 2.50, have a good behaviour and attend the class regularly.
5. Have skill in calculation and English by GPA in ordinary subjects not less than 2.00
6. Conscripted or graduated R.O.T.C
7. Aim to work after graduated.
8. 3. Do not have disease that barrier to the job such as colour blindness.
9. Have maturity and self development.
10. Good attitude and personality.
11. Live near the companyin Ayutthaya, Singburi, Angthong, Lopburi and Saraburi.
12. Qualifiedby companysuch as paper test and intervirw etc.
13. No criminal or affective substance record.

Cooperative Internship Program (CIP)

1. To encourage and make a relationship between institute and the company.
2. To create an opportunity and advantage of recruitment of the company.
3. Student can use knowledge and ability to apply theory to practice for real work without increase manpower in the company.
4. To motivate student that internship in co-operative education select to work with the company.
5. To participate with the institute to develop student quality by give job experience and self development to student that more valuable than internship.


Students’ Qualification
1. Studying in bachelor degree 3rd or 4th year.
2. GPA not less than 2.00 and qualify as the company defined.
3. Do not have disease that barrier to the job in the company.
4. Student must do a project work.
5. Be able to live in province that that company located.
6. Have maturity and self development.

Nomal Internship (NI)

1.To support and promote the study curriculum of Government Educational Institution to achieve the objective of student’s potential development also.
2.To give more opportunity for students to learn and able to apply theory knowledge with appropriate practice by promoting students to gain vocational.

2. Education Level
Vocational Level are: Mechanical, Mechanical Equipment and Maintenance, Metallurgy , Electrical, Electronics, Business Computer and Accounting.
High Vocational Level are: Industrial Technique , Production Technique, Mechanical Technique Mechanical Drawing, Electrical Power, Electronics, Metallurgy Technique, Business
Bachelor Degree Level are: Faculty of Engineering , Science, Computer Science, Information Technology, Accounting and Financial, and Social Science.


Students’ Qualification
Minebea Group of Companies accept student trainee with the Following qualification:
1. Grade Point Average not less than 2.30
2. Has good performance, never perform against student’s regulation
3. Has maturity and good self-development
4. Does not ever had student’s disciplinary penalty or studying suspension
5. Does not has sickness which will be obstructed to the training course
6. Must complete the institutional major subject before training
7. The training course must be one session of the university educational plan