The anticipation advantage :

1. Advantage to Student
1.1. To gain career experience which accordance to student’s major subject.
1.2. To gain experience about to be a supervisor or to be a subordinator.
1.3. To gain self-development and has more self-confident.
1.4. To gain communication skill for reporting the data.
1.5. To has opportunity for offering an employment before graduate.
1.6. To gain data of career opportunity for own interesting, to have chance for searching oneself.
1.7. To be a student who has readiness and potential in working.
1.8. Able to combine the experience from training course efficiently with real working performance in organization in the future.

2 Advantage to Educational Institution
2.1. Able to produce student in various major which correspond to the need of employer (organization).
2.2. Able to create close relation with organization of industrial sector, to acknowledge the real problem in industrial.
2.3. To be a guide line for educational development.
2.4. Able to apply an example case for class-room studying.
2.5. To increase practical experience and potential development of instructor.
2.6. To share advantage of modern machine and equipment with the industrial sector.
2.7. To increase the actual opportunity of Apply Research for industrial sector.

3 Advantage to Organization
3.1. To collaborate increasing quality student for industrial sector.
3.2. Able to be an indirect academic consultation for having more opportunity to develop new product or solving problem direction related to production.
3.3. To share advantage of modern machine and equipment with the educational institution.
3.4.The mentor in organization has opportunity to practice their leadership skill and transmit the knowledge and technology for potential development of personal in company.
3.5. To take part of national education strength development.
3.6. To be good channel for recruitment by having opportunity to employ potential employee to work.
3.7. To be a mutual cooperation among every division in the company for developing the training system.