Wednesday 12th July 2023, Mr. Narit Therdsteerasukdi, Secretary General of Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) presided over the opening ceremony of SOLAR PANEL COMPLETION (2nd PHASE) at MinebeaMitsumi Group (Thailand), Bang Pa-in Factory, Ayutthaya.

The company operates the policy under “Corporate Philosophy” along with “Five Principles” which implemented for production, development, product designs, procurement and distribution of products regarding the environment consideration by implementing various measures that are subjected to “Preventing Global Warming”. Moreover, the company has specified the policy by the concept of sustainable organization development through various activities including the promotion of energy saving and renewable energy which aimed to achieve the goal of “Carbon Neutrality” in 2050.

With the aforementioned environmental policy, the company plan to install the electricity generation from Solar power incorporating with supportive policy from Thai Government to promote the energy saving and the use of renewable energy through investment promotion from BOI.  This is a point that policy from the Government and the company are corresponding to each other which is an essential part    to push the company forward to Solar System installation projects in Thailand factory.

In 2020, MinebeaMitsumi Group installed solar rooftop with investment value 170 million baht at Bang Pa-In and Lopburi Factory, the generating capacity is 5 MW and can reduces greenhouse gas emission around 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

And 2022, the company spent additional 273 million baht installing the solar high-rise mounting structure and solar roofs in Bang Pa-In factory. The new solar construction has a capacity of 11.5 MW and can reduces greenhouse gas emission around 9,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

The installation of this system is deemed to be a part of environmental responsibility of the Group of Companies which also can be used as a prototype for the installation and development to the worldwide factories of MinebeaMitsuni Inc.  Furthermore, MinebeaMitsumi Group (Thailand) will adhere to our environmental policy and commit to sustainable conservation of the global environment.  Besides, Thailand will continue to be our major production base, and a country in which we continue expanding our future investment.



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