Labor Protection and Social Accountability Policy
MinebeaMitsumi Group (Thailand)

MinebeaMitsumi Group (Thailand) (“MinebeaMitsumi Group”) has established its business based on trust in the value of human resource. Under this principle and by following Thai Labor Standard (TLS.8001) requirements, labor laws, customer’s requirement and relevant regulations, MinebeaMitsumi Group is striving in promoting understanding, good relation and unity in its organization as a fundamental in development of labor standard and to promote its employees’ quality of work life in consistent with the value, culture and social environment, according to the policy as follows;


Forced Labor

MinebeaMitsumi Group shall enforce its employment policy under the basic principle of fairness, voluntary and human right respect without forced labor, threat and coercion, abduction or fraud in any form, slavery, prison, indentured, bonded labor, trafficking of person, and shall not demand or accept a security deposit for work, a security deposit for damage to work or identity document upon commencing employment with MinebeaMitsumi Group. In addition, there shall be no unreasonable restrictions on employees’ movement in the factory including on entering or exiting factory or company-provided facilities. Employee shall be provided with a written employment contract in their native language, and free to leave work or terminate their employment at any time. In recruitment process, MinebeaMitsumi Group shall not require any recruitment fees or any other related fees from applicant.



MinebeaMitsumi Group shall pay wages and remuneration to employee not less than those required by law and industrial standard, as well as sufficiency to meet basic needs of employee shall be taken into account. The employees shall, at every wages and remuneration payment, receive comprehensive information in writing on such wages and remuneration paid to them. Any deduction from wages and remuneration shall be made in accordance with the provision of law and customer’s requirement.


Regular Working Hours and Overtime Work

MinebeaMitsumi Group shall specify normal working hours per each working day, workweek, rest period, leave day and holiday in accordance with the provision of law, customer’s requirement and industrial standard. Overtime work and holiday work shall be operated based on consent from employee.



MinebeaMitsumi Group shall equally treats employees under the merit system in term of hiring, payment of wages and remuneration, upgrade and promotion, rewards, training which shall be considered based on the employees’ knowledge, potentiality, skill and expertise in working without engaging in or supporting discrimination regarding sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, color, age, nationality, disability, pregnancy, marital status, covered veteran status, protected genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, AIDS infection, AIDS patient, union membership, political affiliation or other personal opinion. In addition, MinebeaMitsumi Group shall not use medical test, physical exam or pregnancy test as discrimination measure. Any employee who in good faith brings forward grievances or information about discriminatory practices shall be protected against punishment or retaliation.



The disciplinary procedure performed by MinebeaMitsumi Group shall be fair and transparent for all parties. Disciplinary punishment shall not be against law, customer’s requirement, morality and local culture. MinebeaMitsumi Group shall not engage in or support the use of corporal punishment, physical or verbal coercion or any other act violating personal right including harsh or inhumane treatment, sexual harassment or annoyance. In addition, making any deduction from wages and remuneration, mental or physical force, threat and mistreat as a disciplinary measure shall be prohibited. Any person who, in good faith, files grievance, testimony or information shall be protected from dismissal, punishment or any form of retaliation. All related procedures shall be conducted without disclosure of identity of the person who files grievance, testimony or information.


Child Labor

MinebeaMitsumi Group shall not engage in or support the employment of any child under the age of fifteen (15) years in MinebeaMitsumi Group’s business operation and any stage of manufacturing. If local minimum age law or customer’s requirement stipulates a higher age for work, MinebeaMitsumi Group shall comply with the provision of such law or requirement. MinebeaMitsumi Group shall support legitimate workplace learning program for student worker. In this regard, MinebeaMitsumi shall perform rigorous due diligence of and coordinate with educational institute, comply with relevant law, customer’s requirement and regulation, protect the right of and provide appropriate support and training for the student worker.


Female Employees

MinebeaMitsumi Group shall protect female employee and pregnant employee by providing them with the conditions which are safe for working and proper for pregnant circumstances. MinebeaMitsumi Group has no policy to terminate, degrade or reduce the position and benefits of female employee on the grounds of pregnancy.


Freedom of Association

MinebeaMitsumi Group shall respect the employees’ right to form, join or not to join as a member of an association or organization established with a legitimated and moral objectives acting as an intermediary in communication to make understanding and unity in the organization. The members and representatives of the association or organization shall be able to communicate openly with their any member and management in the workplace as appropriate, and shall not be subject to discrimination, punishment, reprisal, intimidation or harassment.


Occupational Safety, Health and Environment

MinebeaMitsumi Group shall be committed to provide employees with good occupational condition and safety without any occupational-related disease, in accordance with industrial standard, legal requirements, customer’s requirement and related regulation. MinebeaMitsumi Group shall, for its operation on occupational safety, health and environment, set up measure and allocate adequate resources, such as personnel, budget and training in safety practices to ensure that all employees work in good occupational condition and safety without occupational-related disease. All employees shall be provided with an opportunity to participate in occupational safety operation, an access to information concerning potential hazard, knowledge and awareness of occupational safety-related rules, regulations, code of practice and guideline, training on occupational safety focusing on issues which are directly related to the employees’ duty of work, especially for those who are newly assigned and re-assigned to perform the work, safety equipment which is in accordance with safety standards and suitable for working conditions of each employee.



MinebeaMitsumi Group has set out welfare policy in order to provide all employees with comfortably accessible and adequate welfares as required by law and customer’s requirement, including but not limited to hygienic toilet, first-aid and medical treatment equipments as necessary.


Management Review

MinebeaMitsumi Group has appointed a management representative to be responsible for supervising the effective enforcement in accordance with labor standard on social responsibility. The management review shall be performed to ensure that any related policy, standard and procedure are effectively implemented and the management system is continuously improved as appropriate.

Enactment and Amendment

Enactment: November 20, 2004

Amendment 1: September 1, 2011

Amendment 2: October 7, 2016

Amendment 3: April 1, 2017

Amendment 4: April 1, 2020

Amendment 5 : January  1, 2021