Environmental Management System

.          NMB-Minebea Thai Ltd. has conducted the business operations based on “The Five Principles”, which The Company has emphasized the importance of environmental which we committed to ensure the environmental conservation and its sustainable development, We strives to develop our production technology in order to produce the qualified products which coincide with the continuous in environmental and energy management thus the Company received the environmental management standard (ISO14001) in October 1997.

Furthermore, the Company has determined the environmental policies as follows

1.Continual improvement of the environment management system and the environmental performance
2.Development and design
4.Procurement and logistic
5.Cooperation with authorities, local public entities and stakeholder
6.Contribution to the international community
7.Enhancement of environment conservation awareness to all employee and relevant person

Water Resources Management

.          Presently, NMB-Minebea Thai Ltd. has conducted the water resources management in order to ensure the effective water consumption.

         Wastewater Management NMB-Minebea Thai Ltd. has established the wastewater system in all 6 plants, for only Bang Pa-In Plant, the Company invested approximately 650 Million Bath to install the wastewater system including laboratories in order to treat and inspect the wastewater, the Company are also registered as “Private Analytical Laboratories” with  Department of Industrial Works, therefore the Company has “Online and Real Time Monitoring” to control the wastewater and ensure that the wastewater quality is comply with the Department Standard.

         Treated water utilizing,  according to our “Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Technology” we have a special Membrane that can be used with treated wastewater and made it reusable with our production such as product washing process, cooling systems, flush systems, surface washing or even trees watering, therefore the Company has no discharge to the outside environment due to our “Zero Discharge” policy, In addition we also saving the environment by reduces water consumption from provincial waterworks

        Rainwater system We have ponds to store rainwater and the water from these ponds will be fed as raw water into treatment system, then it will be used in our production to replace the use of city water. Apart from saving the water from natural resources, it is helping the Provincial Waterworks Authority on supplying city water to our company.

        From our commitment in environmental management, the Company awarded “Great Conservation and Rehabilitation Award 2014” from the Industry to Love Rivers campaign, Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry.

Energy Management

         Utilizing “Inverter System” in the pumping of cooling systems, to improve the efficiency and obviously reduce the energy consumption.

         Utilizing LED bulbs to save the energy ,The Company has used LED 18W bulbs in our production lighting systems.

       Biogas System The Company established the biogas systems in order to produce the biogas from food-waste and waste objects and utilizing the biogas instead of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

         From our commitment in energy management, NMB-Minebea Thai Ltd. Awarded “Outstanding Factory Control” from Thailand Energy
Awards 2008.

        Carbon Footprint Organization  (CFO)
NMB-Minebea Thai Ltd., Bang Pa-In and Lopburi  plant has certified a carbon footprint and registered as carbon footprint organization from the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) in cooperation with the Industrial Environment Institute, Federation of Thai Industries.

        Disposal Management System
        NMB-Minebea Thai  Ltd. has emphasized the disposal management system based on “3R Principles” (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) to prevent pollutions and reduce the amount of discharges which generated by the Company activities. Furthermore,the discharges will be sent to the Disposal Companies which authorized by the Department of Industrial Works, to ensure that the disposals has been eliminated properly according to the law and regulations.

Environmental Activities
Open House Activities

        NMB-Minebea That Ltd. has organized the environmental management activities to convey the wastewater treatment information and methods to local authorities, private companies and educational institutes.

Environmental and Natural Resources conservation Activities

         NMB-Minebea Thai Ltd. has annually organized the tree planting activities to increase the green spaces in the factory territories. In addition, the Company also organized the Coral planting, Weir creating, Artificial Mineral Lick creating, Mangrove Forest planting in order to encourage the employee awareness of environmental importance.