MinebeaMitsumi ‘s Operation


In 1982, Minebea had first started manufacturing miniature ball bearing in Thailand at a facility located in Ayutthaya, and the company has been expanding since then. A few years later, the company established manufacturing facilities in Bang Pa- In, as its second Thailand operation base, in 1984. The third, which is located in Lop Buri, was established in 1988. After that, the company increased more manufacturing facilities situated in different 3 locations include a plant in Rojana Industrial Park, established in 1990, a plant in Navanakorn Industrial Estate, established in 2009, and 2 plants located in Hi-Tech Industrial Estate (Ban Wa) were established in 2015. As of now, we are having a workforce of 35,000 employees and Thailand operations have grown to the largest and strongest manufacturing base of worldwide MinebeaMitsumi.
We concentrate on ultra-precision machining and modern technology in our integrated manufacturing system which encompass all of the products, for example, computers, communication devices, office supplies, electrical equipments, lighting devices, aircraft parts, and automobile parts, as we are preparing to embrace the next generation of technology, where everything connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), for the satisfaction of our customers and our reliability.
The company has been constantly taking part in community strengthen and development. Regardless of where we are situated, the company is committed not to harm the nearby community, not being the cause of pollution, nor destroy our environment. We realized if the company is cut off from local community, we will not be able to go forward. At the same time, the company gracefully appreciates the local culture, and develops a better quality of life for the prosperity of community.