Project “Safety and Environmental Management Knowledge Transfer to Community 2017”

Nowadays, waste and safety problems in school have been effecting environment negatively, and causing harm to students. Therefore, knowledge and understanding about an appropriate waste and safety management in school shall be provided to students at their early ages.

MinebeaMitsumi Group (Thailand) has hold a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental activity under the topic “Safety and Environmental management knowledge transfer to community 2017” at Wat Gum Tae, Amphoe Uthai, Pranakhon Sri Ayutthaya. It is a small school of 37 students and 3 teachers, opening from kindergarten to grade 6.

Thus, the activity shall build awareness to efficiently solve and reduce waste problems, also take the problem of accident in school into account in order to improve and provide an appropriate environment that support student’s learning, including a good relationship between community, establishment, and educational institution.


Activities in the project are as follows;

1.Giving 4  garbage cans, and 2 school signs


2.Educating students about waste separation, and safety in school


3.Two game stations about waste


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